What is Casino Rueda or Salsa Rueda all about?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If you’ve ever gone out to salsa dance here in San Diego you may have seen a peculiar style of salsa dance performed by not just one pair but by a group of people. That style of dance, Casino Rueda or Salsa Rueda, is punctuated by a round style of dancing salsa.

Developed in Havana, Cuba in early 1960’s, this style of dance pairs dancers in a circle where one person calls out the moves for the group to perform. Many “callers” develop an extensive array of hand signs to complement each call and easily lead the group in the various turns. There is even swapping of partners as you can see in this Salsa Rueda video I posted.

Locally here in San Diego there are a number of groups that cater to the Casino Rueda or Salsa Rueda Style. They include Rueda San Diego out of the North County. They offer classes and more information for those interested.

In the past I tried learning Salsa Rueda and found that it takes just as much if not more dedication to perfecting that style of dance. If you undertake to learn the dance make sure you find a group of Salsa Rueda dancers that can teach you the calls and moves. That way, the next time you see Salsa Rueda at the club you may just be able to jump in and join them.

John F. Bello

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