Some Observations about Tango Dancing in San Diego

Friday, October 17, 2008

San Diego Tango Dancing

Tango dance is a different animal from salsa dancing.  I think everybody out there will agree that tango has a culture and spirit all its own that sets it apart from salsa and the rest of the Latin dances.

Indeed, here in San Diego the tango dance scene is an interesting mix of personalities, schools of thought, and competing theories about what tango dance should be.  Although I can’t boast an extensive knowledge about the dance here in San Diego (I’ve taken lessons and know enough of the basics to defend myself), I get the sense that there are many tango dance options available to those new to our city.

One place I’ve been hearing about more and more is the tango dancing at Ciao Bella restaurant in La Mesa.  I’ve yet to see for myself how the dancing is there, but I was fortunate to find this nice video that introduces the venue with some shots of the tango dancing there:

Over the next few months I plan to write a bit more on the tango dance scene here in San Diego.  I encourage any tango instructors, studios, students, and anybody else here in the San Diego tango community to email me ( with any interesting things that are going on here locally.  This includes any big events that you think those less familiar with tango (ie:  salsa dancers and others who might like to learn tango) might look forward to attending.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all send me.  Until then see you on the dance floor!


  1. Hi, nice article on tango. Can you publish that i give a FREE introduction to Argentine tango every Monday
    6:30pm at Ciao Bella
    it be great if I an be on your Dance resource links.

    I organize some of the most popular milongas in San Diego. Thanks for promoting tango

  2. Linda,

    No worries. I posted your information in your comment here.

    Please let me know if you have any specific milongas you would like me to let people know about. Thanks!!!

  3. Thanks for the exposure….

    we do have tango on mondays and wednesdays…

    lesson practice and milonga…

    and great food espresso and wines from around the

    do visit and let me know when u are coming

    Daniele of ciao bella

    ck for dance schedule…
    tango…west coast…east coast/lindy and blues and hustle.

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