“Forever Tango” Dancers to Host Workshop in San Diego

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our friends at Tango Caminito contacted me recently about an exciting event coming to San Diego.  Cristian Cisneros and Virginia Porrino from “Forever Tango” fame will be hosting a Tango Workshop here in San Diego this weekend.  If you are not familiar with the dancers I’ve attached this video of them dancing in past performance at the beginning of this post.

The event will be held at Champion Ballroom Academy ( 3580 5th Avenue, downtown San Diego) and runs all weekend long beginning with a performance on Friday at 9pm.

The tango dance workshop schedule is as follows:

OCTOBER 25, Saturday

1: 00 pm to  2 :00  –  SACADAS Y SECUENCIAS

2: 15 pm to  3:15  –   DIFERENTES BARRIDAS 

3 : 30 pm to 4:30  –   MILONGA LISA

OCTOBER 26, Sunday
1: 00 pm –  2:00 – MILONGA CON TRASPIÉ
2: 15 pm – 3:15  –  ADORNOS FOR MEN AND WOMEN
3:30 pm – 4:30  –  GIROS Y CAMINADAS

(additional $ 5 per person). 

For pricing information and any questions please contact Elena at 760-728-7185

I’ll leave you with another video of Cristian Cisneros and Virginia Porrino.  Enjoy!


  1. anonymous

    It’s great that you have a new found interest in Argentine Tango. The first thing to understand though is that Argentine Tango is a social dance, and stage tango (which is what is done in Forever Tango) is not. Check out this link for video examples and more info…

  2. Duly noted. Thanks for the link to the explanation between social dance tango and stage tango.

    Which do you participate in?

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