San Diego Salsa Bachata Festival Update: Volunteer in Exchange for FREE Entry!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 4th Annual San Diego Salsa Bachata Festival is finally here this week and this is the first of some important updates concerning the event.

If you haven’t bought your passes for the event there is a great opportunity to get in for free in exchange for volunteering at the event.   Below is the email from the event organizers concerning the offer and how to take advantage of it.

John ;-)



Subject: Volunteer Update: Become A Volunteer At The 2010 SD Salsa Bachata Festival


Please read the information below and if you qualify email us back and attend the meeting date listed below.

Please only attend the meeting if you qualify by answering “YES” to all questions below:

1) Do you understand that as a volunteer you have 2 options:

a) Volunteer 12 hrs to receive a FULL EVENT PASS

b) Volunteer 4 evening hrs to receive a free night pass for that evening.

No HALF DAY or ONE DAY PASS volunteering hrs available.

2) Are able to stand for up to 4 hours at your post when needed?

3) Are you willing to accept any volunteer job assigned to you?

(Based on your schedule of availability)

a) Security assistant

b) Show Coordinator

c) Workshop Coordinator

d) General assistant ( Runs errands for SDSF )

e) Dressing Room Security

4) Will you be willing to sign an “HONESTY” contract agreeing to a

$1,000 fine if found knowingly allowing any unregistered persons in to shows or


5) Will you check in for volunteer shift 15 minutes prior to post at the

registration desk.

(Failure to do so will result in the loss of your shift and therefore) your full or evening pass

6) Are you available for Volunteer staff meeting that will be set on:


This Sunday Sept 12, 2010 at 5pm



500 Hotel Circle North

San Diego, Ca 92108


We will see you at the first meeting if you answered “YES” to all of the above questions.

At the meeting all shifts will be assigned to you based upon your availability.

Each shift is 4 hrs long.

Email Your RSVP To:


Thank you in advance for your generosity in volunteering your time.


Angel, Tulane & Albert

San Diego Salsa Bachata Festival Organizers

John F. Bello

Meet John ;-)

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