Too Old For Salsa Dancing?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Our friend Don Baarns at The Unlikely Salsero posted an interesting article about age and salsa dancing this week.  I encourage you to read the article (click here to see it) since it brings up a great discussion about social dancing.

I agree with Don that there really is no age limit for dancing salsa or pursuing those activities for which you have a passion.  In my own experience as a salsa dancer here in San Diego, some of my best dances have been with women over 40.  Indeed, I’m happy that the salsa scene here is very welcoming to older dancers since it adds to the overall sense of community when you see young and old interact in dance.

This video I’m posting here has been on youtube for a while now, but its still a great example that you are never too old to salsa dance.  See you on the dance floor!



San Diego Salsa Festival: Maximizing Your First Time at a Salsa Festival

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

San Diego Salsa Festival

As the San Diego Salsa Festival approaches, I’ve received numerous emails from people that are attending the event. For many of these folks it will be their very first salsa festival or congress that they will be attending. Many of these dancers are unsure about how someone can maximize their time at a salsa festival given that there will be so much to experience.

Apart from taking advantage of the salsa workshops that I mentioned in a previous Ritmo Bello article , I think it’s vital for new attendees to the salsa festival to fully integrate into the event by simply dancing and interacting with other attendees. I know from my own experience that it can be a little intimidating to arrive at a salsa event of this magnitude and be overwhelmed by the big names in attendance when you are just starting out. The Unlikely Salsero (aka Don Baarns , a friend of Ritmo Bello and online salsa dance resource, recently wrote about the upcoming San Diego Salsa Festival and addressed some of these issues. In particular, he’s written a 2 part series with tips and recommendations for those attending a salsa festival or congress.

Check them out and feel free to offer up any comments here to help out those attending the San Diego Salsa Festival for the first time.

John F. Bello

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