Reflections on the San Diego Argentine Tango Dance Scene By Guest Writer Krista Ann

Friday, January 21, 2011

The San Diego Tango scene in many ways parallels the salsa scene.  Both types of dances are experiencing a resurgence in interest from the community and both have a growing presence here in San Diego.  Nothing demonstrates this better in the Tango scene than the emergence of new Tango talent in the area such as Krista Ann.

Krista has extensively studied the art of Argentine Tango in Italy, Buenos Aires, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, & New York City under many tango greats such as Juan Carlos Copes, Jorge Firpo, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Guillimina Quiqua & Lori Burton of Argentine Tango Detroit.  Currently Teaching in San Diego and North County she embraces all styles of Argentine Tango. She recently joined as an Assistant Organizer for the San Diego Salsa and Latin Dancing Meetup Group and will be hosting Tango events here in San Diego.  The article below is a guest piece written by her that talks a little bit about the condition of Tango dancing in San Diego today.  Enjoy!

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Reflections on the San Diego Argentine Tango Dance Scene By Guest Writer Krista Ann

“There’s a difference between learning the steps and learning how to dance. Dancing already exists in you, it’s in your heart beat and the way you hear the music. My job is to help you translate it into the words of dance”.

Argentine Tango is a dance of many different styles and cultural attributes. Having formed during a time of pilgrimage to South America, Tango is a dance reflectant of many cultures including African, European, Latin, and Native American. Tango is the creation of an artistic community that helped in bridging cultural divides.

Over time Tangueros have lost this community. In attempting to preserve the authentic tango, dancers have divided into many different separatist groups that believe in one style; Milonguro, Salon, Nuevo, Neo… No longer embracing the energy that is Tango.

San Diego is a place of pilgrimage and  is the cultural fusion of many different heritages.

Just as tango once built bridges between different groups of people, San Diego now does for Tango.

San Diego’s Tango scene is starting to merge the tango divides. From the traditional Milonguro to the more the modern Nuevo Tanguero, we welcome you.

With a variety of great instructors and warm Milongas, San Diego is an amazing place to explore Argentine Tango. The dancers are friendly and share a genuine love for the dance.

Argentine Tango is a liberal dance that exists in the hearts of the dancers.

With the smell of the ocean air and music of all kinds, this is the place to develop our very own, Argentine Tango.

Guest Writer Krista Ann Email: Phone: (989) 413-3055

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