Do you Have What it Takes to Be a San Diego Salsa Diva?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our friends over at San Diego Salsa Divas are expanding their Viva La Diva Familia!

The San Diego Salsa Divas Dance team is looking for all levels of ladies to join San Diego’s 1st Ladies Styling Company.  Laura Mendoza, the group’s director, informed me that they will host rehearsals starting Sunday November 1st according to the schedule below:

Semi-Pro classes/rehearsals 5-7pm

Beginner classes/rehearsals 7-9pm

All Semi-Pro and Beginner classes will be under the direction of Salsa Divas Professional Dancer Amelia Beniquez.  Salsa Divas is also adding a 2nd Professional Team under the Direction of Salsa Divas Creator and Director Laura Mendoza.  Rehearsal times for Professional Teams will be Thursdays 9-10:30pm.

Please contact Laura Mendoza at for more information and become a salsa diva!

San Diego Salsa Divas Looking to Recruit New Talent…Maybe It Will be YOU!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hope you are all doing well especially after all the election craziness. I was contacted by Laura Mendoza of the San Diego Salsa Divas about some upcoming auditions they will hosting this Sunday.  Below I reproduced the information she sent me regarding the event.  Check it out, especially if you a looking to join a nice dance troupe.

John ;-)



Calling All Sexy Ladies!!!!! 

Salsa Divas Dance Company invites you to the start of the NEW Beginners Training Team! 

When: Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where: A Time to Dance Studio located in La Jolla

Time: 11-1 pm

Dues: $45/month

Under the direction of Laura Mendoza, Angie Calvin will be teaching the Basics of ON 2 techniques and timing, Diva styling, spins and footwork and much more… 

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity  to learn from the “Bad Girls” of Salsa in San Diego! The Salsa Divas Dance company strives in making women embrace what yo mama gave you! Our teaching method not only consists of technique and timing but also encourages women to step “out of the box” and challenge yourself with confidence and power on the dance floor!

For more information please contact: Laura Mendoza (619) 855-0210

Please feel free to check out our website at :

Can’t wait to see you then!

Angie Calvin
Co-Director, Salsa Divas Dance Company

John F. Bello

Meet John ;-)

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