Annual SF Bay Area International Congress

Monday, October 29, 2007

From my old neck of the woods:
Hello Friends
Ricardo & Michelle, and PB&G Productions Inc., in association with ATP Events , are eager to welcome all of you the 6th Annual San Francisco Congress, November 1-4, 2007.

If you have joined us in the past, you know that we provide you with the best Salsa Congress experience possible, if this your first time, then you are in for a treat.

We will kick off the weekend with the now famous PreCongress party at Cafe Cocomo’s in San Francisco, featuring a live band and an amazing floor show featuring a highlight of Dancers from all over the world. We will pack the club as we mingle and meet soon to be longlasting friends and reunite with dear old ones from all parts of the globe. But thats just the begining!

The Annual SF Bay Area International Congress presents over 50 dance workshops spread over 3 days, 2 top level evening dance shows each night with all star performers from over 20 different countries, an afternoon showcase presenting new talent in the Salsa World, and the highly anticipated Dance Competition Showcase on Sunday. In addition to your choice of 3-4 quality workshops each hour, on Sunday, don’t miss the competitions! Sunday was the day that rocked the Salsa World in 2005. The Open level Jack & Jill, at the noon hour, was a fun way to meet your fellow salseros and share the spotlight in showing off your best social dancing skills. Winners were announced and prizes given out. Not a bad way to end an already fantastic weekend. But it was the Master’s level Jack & Jill, by invitation only, that made history and put together every single big name in salsa all on one dance floor battling out their social prowess. What a feast for the eyes. Those that were there in the audience all wish they had their video camera as they watched each dancer in awe.

The competitions continue with the International/Out of State qualifying rounds followed by the highly prestigious amateur and professional finals at night. 5 categories of competition: Amateur, Professional on 1, Professional on 2, Teams and Cabaret. For many, this is where the stars are born and they kick off their salsa dance careers with a bang. This November, it all happens again.

For one weekend in the SF Bay Area, you can dance until 4 AM in the morning as you enjoy World Class Dj’s spinning the best in salsa and chachacha, and also be treated to live music each night. You can continue the party at breakfast in the hotel with your friends, and then take the elevator up to your room for just a few precious hours of sleep until you get up for workshops in the morning and get ready to do it all over again. Are you ready for the 6th Annual SF BAY AREA SALSA CONGRESS?
All events held at the Oakland Marriott City Convention Center . Open to the public, all ages welcome.
Registration and tickets available soon.

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