The Health Benefits of Salsa Dancing in San Diego

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hope everyone is doing well.

Every salsa dancer knows that after a long night of dancing you come home tired and completely exhausted at times. Many people remark that their night of dancing was akin to a full vigorous workout they might have at the local gym.

Seems there is some truth to this comparison. I did some research on the subject and found this interesting article written by SixWise .com . The article identifies that social salsa dancing has a number of health benefits ranging from a reduction in stress, increased energy, improved strength, increased muscle tone, and of course increased coordination. One seemingly obvious benefit that comes from social salsa dance is the very fact that you can experience all these health benefits while still being able to maintain social interaction with others. When I go to the gym I notice that most people who work out are running around with headphones on and generally are keeping to themselves. Not so with salsa dancing.

The other point that caught my eyes from the article deals with the burning of calories possible from social salsa dancing. Specifically, it outlined how different types of social dances stack up in their calorie burning potential:

How many calories will you burn while dancing? That depends on the type of dancing. Here’s a range of some of the most popular varieties, based on a 150-pound person, per hour:

  • Swing dancing: 235 calories/hour
  • Ballroom dancing: 265
  • Square dancing: 280
  • Ballet: 300
  • Belly dancing: 380
  • Salsa dancing: 420+
  • Aerobic dancing: 540+

Remember that salsa dancing is not just fun but is beneficial to a balanced life.

See you all on the dance floor!!!

John ;-)
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