San Diego Salsa Dancers Can Still Help Fire Victims This Weekend!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salsa Marathon

I’m back from Philadelphia, PA and wanted to remind everyone about an important event taking place this Saturday.

Rebuild San Diego still needs all our help!!!

Come dance the day away to help fundraise $10,000 to benefit the Southern California Wildfires Recovery Program presented by Rebuild, the San Diego chapter of Architecture for Humanity . Rebuild is a non-profit organization promoting architectural and design solutions to global, social, and humanitarian crisis.

Friends, relatives and companies will sponsor dancing participants to fundraise for this event.  Pass the word, get involved, make a difference.

This is going to be a great event and there are a number of ways you all can help.

There will be dance instructors, DJ’s from Cafe Sevilla, lottery prizes, and potential live TV coverage covering this event and more.  Help recruit friends, colleagues and co-workers to come out and dance for a social purpose.

Sandra Plaza from Rebuild indicated that they need more participants to dance in the event.  Fundraising $100 for yourself is as easy as asking 5 people to donate $20 each and you are in! People can sign up on the day of the event and Rebuild is asking for a friendly donation to meet their goal of $10,000. 

If for some reason you are unable to make it to the event but would like to sponsor a dancing participant, please let  Cecilia Nerey, , know for how much total or per hour you would like to donate.  Please spread the word!

For further information, please contact Angie Zerna at 619 794 3054 or , or visit on how you can volunteer to make a difference.

Hope to see you there!

The Salsa Marathon sponsors include but are not limited to:

*  Ritmo Bello – San Diego’s Online Guide to Salsa and Latin Dancing
*  Zuri’s Banquet & Hall
*  Staples
*  "A Time to Dance" Owned by the best DANCING DUO in San Diego – Angel and Tulane Rivera!
*  Cafe Sevilla with Valerie "SD’s 1st Lady of Salsa"
*  DJ’s Rick "La Voz" Chriss & David "New Yo Rican"
*  and many more!

John F. Bello

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