Want to Learn Salsa Dance Through a Fence?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

fence picture

What?  That was my reaction when I first heard about The Border Meetup Group’s upcoming Bi National Salsa Event they are hosting on July 26th.

The basic idea of the event is to have people from both sides of the San Diego & Tijuana border meet through the border fence on the beach or at Friendship Park at the San Diego & Tijuana border.

The goal of the group is to bring people together by finding a theme that has no borders, often has a direct effect on improving the region, and always results in friendships across cultural boundaries.  Salsa dancing seems like an excellent fit for such a lofty endeavor.

The philosophy behind the group is simple.  The Border Meetup Group believes that one of the root causes of strife in the world today is a lack of understanding between peoples of different cultures.  You can remove this lack of understanding by having people engage each other in something that helps build good will.  Again salsa dancing to the rescue.

The group’s website has this to say about their events and why they choose to meet at the international border:

"In The Border Meetup Group, we believe by actively creating events that allow people from different cultures and sub-cultures the space to get to know one another under a peaceful guise and theme that is of interest to all involved, we will contribute to the promotion of this vital understanding. The border is an ideal venue as it serve as a literal and symbolic unification of people across cultural and physical boundaries."

Indeed, the world could use some more of these types of events.

To find out more information about this event please visit the San Diego Salsa and Latin Dancing Meetup Group.

John F. Bello

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