Ritmo Bello Around San Diego’s Salsa and Latin Dance Scene: Twitter and Youtube

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Over the past year I’ve used Ritmo Bello as a medium for sharing information about the local salsa and Latin dance scene.  Indeed, I’ve been amazed at how much the site has grown in popularity and how people have used the website to learn more about San Diego dancing.

Ritmo Bello also has coverage through other channels like Twitter and Youtube.  Twitter is an interesting concept that I wrote about earlier this year in an earlier post.  I’m including a video here again with a simple explaination of how Twitter works, but in a nutshell dancers can use Twitter to connect with other like minded dancers online in real time:

Something new I’ve launched recently is Ritmo Bello’s Youtube Channel.  Part of my approach for this website has always been to bring to light the perspective of an average person’s experience in the salsa and Latin dance scene.  With this in mind, I’ve posted videos of things an average person might encounter while attending a local salsa club or some other local dancing event.  I’ve posted an example of a video I recently produced from my channel here:

Feel free to visit Ritmo Bello’s Twitter account & Youtube account to follow in more depth what’s happening here in San Diego for dance.  You can also subscribe to both services as well.



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