Tough Economic Times for San Diego Salsa and Latin Dancers?

Monday, October 13, 2008

The economy

The economy has been the front and center topic these last few weeks as we hear about the collapse on Wall Street.  All of us are affected to some degree and this also includes those of us that are part of the San Diego dance community.

One message I saw circulating on the internet mentioned that salsa dancing is a great way to work through the financial stress that we are all experiencing.  Indeed, I think its important to keep doing the things that keep us strong emotionally during this time and for many salsa, tango, and other forms of latin dance are such activities.  Although salsa and latin dancing may cost some money in terms of club cover or dance lessons, many times the ocassional expense is worth the huge benefits you can receive from the dance.

E.K. Clothing

We all know too that small businesses have been hit hard by these tough economic times. The salsa and latin dance community as a whole can help support those businesses that help to create the dance experience we all enjoy.  E.K. Clothing, a small business I interviewed recently, is one such business that could benefit from our patronage.  The company has extended free standard shipping of any purchases of $50.00 or more if you use the special promo code “RITMOBELLO” (it ends 12/31/2008).   If you are not familiar with E.K. Clothing, you can check out their great assortment of salsa dance wear and shoes on their website.

Feel free to leave comments if you have other ways to keep positive and support the dance community during these economic times.  

John F. Bello

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