Ritmo Bello Completes First Year as San Diego’s Salsa and Latin Dancing Resource

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old Ritmo Bello Website

That’s right!  Ritmo Bello launched exactly one year ago this day and it’s been quite a ride.  The picture I posted here is from the original Ritmo Bello website.  You’ll see that over this year our website has undergone many changes.   

Covering San Diego dance topics ranging from Salsa events to Tango performances, Ritmo Bello has been a fun endeavor for me personally.  Thanks to everyone that has contributed content to Ritmo Bello articles over this last year. 

Special thanks also to all those individuals and groups that have participated in an interview with me.  I’ve learned so much about the local dance scene and the people here who comprise it.  Without all of you Ritmo Bello would not be the great success it is today.

San Diego has a diverse Salsa and Latin dance scene as many of my articles demonstrate.  This next year I hope to bring you all even more great dance information.

Thanks and God Bless!!!

John ;-)

Ritmo Bello

John F. Bello

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