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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If you are like me I’m sure that when you travel you have one thing on your mind, salsa dancing.  Okay, maybe not but in all reality it is probably something that may cross your mind and you might want to take advantage of in another city.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been using Twitter (see the video above for a short overview)  to learn about the salsa dance scene in different places ranging from New York to Croatia.  Some of the folks I’ve met through Twitter that are into salsa dancing like me include Becoming a Salsero (Walter De Rooij), Dena from VidaSalsera, and DimeloRecords. Through my use of Twitter I now have a better sense of what to expect when I travel to different cities in terms of salsa dancing.   I also have people to meet up with when I visit.

Here in San Diego there are lots of people in the salsa dance scene who are using Twitter as well.  Some of them include Addicted2Salsa’s Anthony Persaud, Cafe Sevilla, A Time to Dance Studio, and Manny Cepeda.

Try using Twitter and Twitter Search to find others interested in salsa dancing.  Don’t forget to add Ritmo Bello to your follow list on Twitter!

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