Carlos Santana and Latin Jazz Artists Protest Grammy Awards Cuts to Ethnic Music Categories

Friday, May 27, 2011

It was announced last month by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) that Latin Jazz and other ethnic categories would be cut from consideration for the 2012 Grammy nominations.

Carlos Santana, Paul Simon and Herbie Hancock expressed their support that the categories be reinstated in a letter to the Recording Academy on Thursday.

“We will not be disenfranchised,” the letter states, reports the Associated Press.

Yesterday protests by Latin Jazz artists took place in Los Angeles to demand the Recording Academy reinstate more than 30 categories to the Grammy Awards. Last year there were 109 categories and now they are just 78. Latin Jazz was left out.

Wielding signs reading “Grammys Honor All Music” and “It’s Not Just About Rap, Rock or Country,” the musicians claimed that the reductions discriminatorily targeted ethnic music.

Grammy President and CEO Neil Portnow, says that the changes will make the awards more competitive and that the protesters concerns will be reviewed.

Carlos Santana expressed his concern in the letter to the Academy:

“To remove Latin Jazz and many other ethnic categories is doing a huge disservice to the brilliant musicians who keep the music vibrant for their fans — new and old. … We strongly protest this decision and we ask you to represent all of the colors of the rainbow when it comes to music and give ethnic music a place in the heart of music lovers everywhere”

What do you think? Should Latin Jazz be a category for the Grammy’s still?

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