Is Salsa Dancing an Extreme Contact Sport?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Alex Da Silva

Every one has a horror story about how they went salsa dancing and got stepped on/trampled/smashed/etc by another couple on the dance floor.

Apparently one Los Angeles Times writer had a particularly “memorable” experience recently when he went salsa dancing with his wife in Los Angeles. Augustin Gurza’s article points out that sometimes salsa dancers can get carried away with different moves, spins, and flips on the dance floor. Although I don’t think it was wise for Agustin to write an article basically focusing on one particular dancer, Alex Da Silva (see the picture in this post), the article does point out a problem that many of us encounter on the dance floor.

After reading the article feel free to write a comment on my website about your horror stories with salsa dancing mishaps or thoughts about the article. I look forward to see what you veterans of the dance floor have experienced.

John F. Bello

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