Great Video on How to Find Free Salsa Music with an iPhone

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Since launching Ritmo Bello last year here locally in San Diego, California I’ve been able to meet and interact with numerous salsa based organizations around the world .   The love that I have for the music and dance we all know as salsa has the great effect of inspiring people to do novel things to promote the genre.

Here in my hometown of San Diego another local group, Addicted2Salsa , has done some really great things to promote salsa dancing.  Primarily using their great video capabilities , Anthony Persaud and Addicted2Salsa have launched countless videos online covering everything from salsa basics to advanced salsa combination moves.

The video here caught my attention because I really think that salsa is something that can be integrated into our everyday lives.  What better way to integrate salsa into your life than with a tool that most of us already have, an iPhone.  The video tutorial covers resources you can access online using an iPhone that include Pandora , Midomi , Shazam and of course AOL radio .  In past Ritmo Bello articles I’ve written about similar services online that allow you to fully integrate salsa music into your daily experience and Anthony’s video is a great visual explanation of how you can access these resources.

Thanks to Anthony Persaud and Addicted2Salsa for providing a great resource!

John F. Bello

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