A little bit of Salsa History from Colombia, SA: Discos Fuentes

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Over the course of my years of Salsa Dancing, I’ve had a great opportunity to meet many people who have limited knowledge about where Salsa music originated from. Of course the genre is a mix of many different styles including roots borrowed from Cuba’s mambo and music from Puerto Rico, but it amazes me to know that many people don’t identify Colombia as a major player in the history of Salsa.

Specifically, Discos Fuentes has produced many of the Salsa world’s greatest artists. The video showing here for example is of Joe Arroyo , a familiar voice in Salsa songs but often confused with being Cuban or Puerto Rican. He is Colombian born and his music fiercely describes many aspects of Latin history and society but with a Colombian sense. Joe Arroyo and other artist found fame through associations with Discos Fuentes . Founded in 1934 by Antonio Fuentes in the colonial city of Cartagena , it was the first record company in Colombia and one of the oldest independent labels in the world still today.

Next time you go out salsa dancing and hear a song you like, find out whether it has a Colombian origin. You’d be surprised how close your friendly neighborhood Colombian has been all this time.

John ;-)

John F. Bello

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