New to Salsa and Want to Find the Best Music to Dance to?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Many people new to salsa dancing inevitably ask the question “so what salsa music should I listen to and buy?” The question surfaces quickly in the early stages of learning to dance as more emphasis is focused on different types of salsa that are out there. This can be especially confusing when people say they are dancing on different beats of that music like ON1 or ON2 style.

In the hopes of bringing some clarity to the situation I performed some research into the matter and found a number of websites. These websites are listed below with a short description:

Batanga: Latin Music Internet Radio

A source for a wide variety of Latin music genres ranging from popular to Norteño/Banda/Corridos, to Cubanísimo. The site, of course, also has channels for listening to streaming salsa music of different persuasions. Contents include interviews, reviews, videoclips, and links to radio broadcasts. Available in both English and Spanish.

Available in both English and Spanish. "The most current in salsa news and information, …interactive chats and message boards, links to fan clubs, direct music and video downloads."

Salsa & Merengue

Available in both English and Spanish, this site explores the Latin genres salsa and merengue through music and dance. Histories of both genres are included as well as a glossary of terms. The nice thing about this site is that gives an explanation of those terms in understandable language.

As you are using these resources you’ll notice that there are a number of different schools of salsa thought in terms of style of music. Colombian style salsa, for example, will differ from Puerto Rican style salsa music due to the historical and cultural influences of those locales on the music’s development.

Another thing to keep in mind is that salsa, like other genres of music, is still developing as we speak. As more up and coming artist join the scene , the music will take on new directions than what was expected before.

If any of you have any recommendations on good salsa music for beginners please share your comments on this post.

Have fun and keep dancing!!!

John F. Bello

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