STAND OUT: Accessorizing Your Salsa and Latin Dance Life

Sunday, March 27, 2011

If you’ve been dancing for a while you are probably ready to try something new style wise to add some excitement to your outings.  One way to do this is to accessorize your salsa and Latin dance life through some of these interesting items and services I’ve found here locally in San Diego.

Gypsy Feather Extensions

A great way for a woman to add some natural style to their dancing is by adding Gypsy Feather extensions into the mix.  Gypsy Feather Extensions are basically natural bundles of colorful feathers that can be easily added to your hair.

Adding the feathers to your hair is relatively easy as shown by Tiffany Ferris, owner of Gypsy Feather Extensions, a local San Diego company that specializes in them:

I’ve seen some dance teams around the nation adopting this idea and you are likely to start seeing more of these here locally in San Diego.

Cordova Crystals

Another novel idea is to customize your salsa shoes using Swarovski elements through another local San Diego company called Cordova Crystals.

Cordova Crystals specializes in embellishing your dance shoes in a unique way as you can see in this picture below:

Every element is securely and individually placed onto your shoes, allowing you freedom to envision custom designs to set you apart from everyone else on the dance floor.  Guys can also take advantage of this service to create custom looks for their shoes as well:

Irma Collaco, owner of Cordova Crystals, recommends 250 to 400 elements per shoe in order to create that one of a kind look that will be sure to catch people’s attention.  Of course if you have a custom design you can reach her at her website to share your idea and get your customized look.

If you have more ideas on how to accessorize your salsa life feel free to leave a comment here at the end of this post.

See you all on the dance floor!

John ;-)


John F. Bello

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